We are called by God to reach S.E.E.D communities, ultimately giving them Jesus and their own church.


Why SEEDnet?

Because the "least of these" need Jesus.

Through the Gospel of Jesus, we give hope to Spiritually, Emotionally, Economically, and Developmentally oppressed people in desperate, marginalized, dangerous, poor areas. This type of ministry can be scary and feel risky to some people who want to help, so SEEDnet builds the bridge between you and those who desperately need hope and your help.

Your support allows discipleship opportunities, a place for vital needs to be met, and creates a hub for personal growth and development over a lifetime. Your support and partnership have an impact on future generations for Christ as we plant churches..


Nathan Wells
Andy Shank
Larry White
Regional Ambassadors
West Coast

The SEEDnet staff recently sat down together and took an in-depth, prayerful look at our church plants and the work God has been doing in them. We invite you to celebrate with us!

SEEDnet is regularly ministering to more than 700 people, in 40 church plants, in 7 different states.

We have presented the Gospel to thousands in SEED areas through small groups and one-on-one encounters.

Hundreds of people have professed to put their faith in Christ.

Many have been baptized and are still involved in church plants.

The Word of God is taught, prayer is engaged, fellowship is enjoyed, and mission is empowered at each church.

Sin is confronted & confessed. Addictions are broken. Miracles are occurring.

Each church plant has at least one “indigenous influencer” who lives there, influences other residents, and is being trained in discipleship.

We have a system for Biblically training SEED men in eldership.

All church plants are being trained in evangelism and have taken part in our goal of sharing Christ with 10,000 people this past year.

Our teams intentionally infiltrate different people groups.

Celebrate with us, praising God for the great things He has done!

Your support helps us to share the good news of Jesus.

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