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May 16, 2019
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As a disciple of Jesus you have a mission.

Jesus commissions us in Matthew 28:19a saying, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

Notice the words in bold. As a disciple of Jesus you and I are told to go and make disciples.

That’s our mission!

You may be a blue collar worker, a white collar worker, a teacher, a stay at home mom or in vocational ministry. You may work for the government, work for yourself or be looking for a job. You may be single, married or widowedYou may be healthy or disabled. But all disciples of Jesus have the same mission.

Go Make Disciples

Go Jesus calls us to go, not stay! He tells us to move and advance, not sit and wait. We need to intentionally move into relationships with unbelievers, not think they’ll come to us. Don’t make this hard, there are unbelievers all around you. They live beside you, work beside you, and shop at the same stores you do. Go to them…

But go to them with what purpose?

To Make Them Disciples… Jesus tells us to move into relationships with unbelievers to make them His disciples. Not to be their friend. Not be an example of a good person. Not to invite them to church. Not to be nice. But to make them a disciple of Jesus. Some of the things listed above may be stepping stones to helping someone become a disciple of Jesus, but don’t let those things take center stage. Put Jesus center stage.

When we go to an unbeliever with the intent of making them a disciple of Jesus we are partnering with God to create something that doesn’t exist – a new creation – a disciple of Jesus! We are involved in a miraculous mission!

So how do we make an unbeliever a disciple of Jesus?

We simply tell them about Jesus. We tell them about His love for them, and His death to pay for their sins, and His resurrection from the dead. We tell them to believe this good news. It really is that simple. Don’t be slick. Don’t be trendy. Don’t think presentation, think 1 sentence. John 3:16 still works and it’s just 1 sentence.

Jesus ends His commission to us in verse 20 with very encouraging words, “…behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Jesus is with us and will never leave us! His Spirit lives in us and goes with us when we go and make disciples. In fact, He is the One who does the heart work in the person we are sharing with. What a promise! Let the promise of His eternal presence empower you to go and make disciples today!

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