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January 25, 2018
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January 29, 2018
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I met Linda on my first trip to Austin Homes Apartments. She was hurried during our first interaction but still welcomed prayer, and the following weeks have been up and down: One week she promised to teach me how to play a Pentecostal tambourine but the next week she wouldn’t open the door.

Looking back, our relationship with Linda has been more cold than warm, but each week we let her know that we care. If she doesn’t answer the door we leave a note and we ask her neighbors to let her know that the “white church people” came to visit. By the way, we are now widely acknowledged in the community as the white people who come after lunch on Thursday.

Linda avoided me two weeks ago. I literally ran across the road twice, offered to carry groceries, and tried to pray with her with no success. Our relationship hadn’t progressed in weeks and, if anything, seemed to be disintegrating.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to stay the course, so we left a note on her door again the next week. Looking back, it would have been very unlike Christ to give up. I’m so grateful that the Lord’s pursuit is relentless because I certainly spent a long time running away from Jesus.

As we approached Linda’s home today, I was excited to see her sitting outside, but she immediately came undone as we greeted her: Linda lost her mom yesterday. She fell into my arms while we prayed and there was a precious moment of vulnerability. She had received our notes and messages and said, “God brought you here today.”


There isn’t really a way to comprehend all that was orchestrated in the spiritual world today. A series of events (with boring details) caused us delay our visit to Austin Homes today by several hours. In fact, the entire day was such a fiasco that we considered postponing until tomorrow, but the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit guided us differently.

The pursuit is worth it! We didn’t need to perform miracles or even thump a Bible for Linda to feel God’s presence. The Lord worked through our consistency and put us there today at just the right time for her and He was glorified!

Will you pray for Austin Homes in Knoxville?

Pray for Linda as she mourns the loss of her mother and the upcoming anniversary of her daughter’s death on the 29th.

Pray that Sharon will be a light for her family and will grow daily in her walk with the Lord.

Pray for T (she is a different story for a different day). Please pray that T will continue to trust us and that she will leverage her influence in the community as we get to know others and that our relationship with T will strengthen.

Written by Rebecca

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