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February 26, 2018
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March 8, 2018
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Meet Teddy!

Teddy lives in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee. We were driving on the backroads asking God who we should pray for and Teddy made eye contact with us from his porch. I took that as an answer to our prayer so I jumped out of the car, walked up to him and asked if I could pray with him. Teddy immediately teared-up, grabbed my hand and said, “God sent you to me… I just heard my grandson in Ohio overdosed on heroin last night.” He didn’t know we were from Ohio. We spent the next hour and a half hanging out, hearing stories, listening to his bluegrass gospel music and praying with him. Can’t wait to go back!

Pray for Teddy’s grandson to come to Jesus and be freed from his addiction. Pray for Teddy to cling to Jesus and be a witness to his neighbors. Pray for Rebecca and her family as they continue a relationship with him. Pray for a church to be planted in Teddy’s holler.


We were also blessed by God to encourage our Cherokee brothers and sisters in Cherokee, N.C.

Pray for their growth in Christ. Pray that they would hunger to know Jesus more intimately.

Mountain people like Teddy and our Cherokee Indian friends are the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. For hundreds of years their people have lived and died in these hills. Pray that the Spirit of God inflames them with such a desire to reach their neighbors for Christ that the gospel burns like a wildfire through these mountains.


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