2020: Since Last Summer

Praise God For The Lipan Apache People
November 5, 2019
2021: Since last summer…
September 29, 2021
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At about this time every year, I like to give you an update on what God has done through SEEDnet since the previous summer.

We continue to infiltrate some of the most forgotten, toughest, poorest, and most marginalized places on the planet to proclaim the Gospel and give people their own church right where they live.

God has blessed us with much success in the midst of a pandemic. He has proven Himself strong by advancing His church in these difficult times! Here are some awesome God-sized highlights! God blessed us with 75 people professing to put their faith in Christ for salvation since last summer! Most of these people were won to Christ in 1 on 1 or small group environments and many are still involved in the church that meets in their apartment complex or trailer park.

Currently, we have 95 church plants in 10 states regularly ministering to over 1,000 people! These churches are guided by something we call the 4 pillars of discipleship. These 4 pillars are Relationship, Prayer, Bible & Outreach, and are clearly seen in the New Testament Church. We teach all of our churches to be devoted to these.

By God’s grace, we now have 70 people involved in our leadership development process. We invest relationally in these people, coach and train them in basic Bible study and empower them in practical ministry. Without them, we cannot continue to advance.

We are sharing the gospel of Jesus and planting SEED churches in the city and the country. We have various ethnic backgrounds represented in many of our plants and are specifically planting churches in the following people groups: Guatemalan, Cherokee Indian, Hispanic, and Navajo Indian.

We have written a personal evangelism workbook called Gospeling. This tool helps our people verbalize the Gospel and is also being offered to more traditional churches, so let us know if your church is interested.

Sin is being confronted & confessed! Addictions are being broken! Healing is happening! Miracles are occurring! The Church of Jesus Christ is prevailing against the gates of hell in SEED areas! Enjoy celebrating with us! Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement are all indispensable to SEEDnet! Praise God for the great things He has done since last summer!!!

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