2021: Since last summer…

2020: Since Last Summer
October 14, 2020
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Praise God for what He has done through SEEDnet since last summer! Your prayers were the air support that cleared the way for our ground advancement! Thanks!!

We continue to infiltrate some of the most marginalized, forgotten, toughest, and poorest places on the planet to proclaim the Gospel and give people their own church right where they live. Here are some awesome God-sized highlights:

God blessed us with 150 people professing to put their faith in Christ for salvation since last summer! Most of these people were won to Christ in 1-on-1 or small group environments, and many are still involved in the church that meets in their apartment complex, trailer park, or village.

We have 165 church plants in 10 states and 3 countries regularly ministering to over 1,400 people! 

We have over 700 people consistently involved in our simple churches.

We have over 300 people engaging in serious discipleship.

We have 80 people involved in our leadership development process. In order to continue to multiply SEED churches we coach (aka equip, train, and empower) leaders at every level. From the person only influencing the apartment complex, trailer park, or village they live in, to the person influencing multiple places in their city, to the person feeling called to start their own movement. We coach them all! Our church plants are guided by something we call the 4 pillars of discipleship. These 4 pillars are Relationship, Prayer, Bible & Outreach and are clearly seen in the New Testament Church. We teach all of our people, leaders, and churches to be devoted to these.

Digital church planting is a new endeavor for us and the strategy is surprisingly similar to our work on the ground. We are going to places others aren’t going to reach hearts in the name of Jesus – we’re just doing it online! We have formed a few connections and have been regularly praying with people as we search for our first virtual person on peace. Our hope is to host a simple church gathering online by mid-fall.

We are sharing the gospel of Jesus and planting SEED churches in the city and the country. We have various ethnic backgrounds represented in many of our plants and are specifically planting churches in the following people groups: Guatemalan, Cherokee Indian, Hispanic, Navajo Indian, Lipan Apache Indian, and Ugandan. 

We have written a personal evangelism training workbook called “Gospeling.” This is gaining traction both here and abroad. This tool helps our people verbalize the Gospel and is also being offered to more traditional churches, so let us know if your church is interested. Sin is being confronted & confessed! Addictions are being broken! The Word of God is being proclaimed! Healing is happening! Miracles are occurring! The Church of Jesus Christ is prevailing against the gates of hell in SEED areas!

Enjoy celebrating with us! 

Your prayers, gifts, and encouragement are all indispensable to SEEDnet! Praise God for the great things He has done since last summer!!!

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