Pray For Briarwood Trailer Park

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June 4, 2019
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June 8, 2019
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Pastor Jim Norris, a friend & elder at Eastgate Bible Church, is ministering in Briarwood Trailer Park in Ashland, Ohio. Recently they had a cookout. Please pray for this baby church plant.

Jim says, “pray for Nate and Geneva, our people of peace, to build on the relationships they have in Briarwood (Matthew 5:16; John 17:21-24).

Pray that we would take advantage of the nice weather to get out of the trailer and into opportunities to interact with the folks in Briarwood, so that they’ll hear and see the gospel lived out in their midst. Pray for our time Monday evenings as we go through the gospel of John and that as the summer goes on we’ll have lots of chances to share truth with the residents there, either on Monday or in any other fashion God may provide. Pray for salvations to occur.

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