Praise God For Ashland & Mansfield Churches!

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December 5, 2018
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February 13, 2019
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Good news from Larry!

Praise God for our Ashland and Mansfield, Ohio churches!

At Ashland Village Church, these three mothers (and others) have put their faith into action, and are growing as a result of having others around them who look like Jesus. We’ve seen multiple salvations on multiple occasions, we’ve met in the brand new common meeting room, and continue meeting in two other locations for more than four years. Pray for members Jen and Helen as they lost 2 grandparents recently. Also, pray this church continues to reach the lost and provide a safe welcoming atmosphere for others.


Ashland Almond Tree Inn was the first church I personally planted. This church is the most transient of all my churches. Jake (above) is the first person at this plant to give a financial offering to God for the church. Pray for Jake as he has surgery January 28th for his hip to correct back problems. Ryan is another leader here that is growing. Pray that Ryan sees the opportunities God gives him to share Jesus with others.


Hank and Sherry are leaders at Grace Village Church in Mansfield, Ohio which is 8 years old. Hank and Sherry have both led others to trust in Jesus as their Savior. Our goal this year is having others meet, without me there, to talk about Jesus. Pray that this church exhibits even greater self control and victory over anger, as anger is a tool used by Satan against this church.

Please pray for Terri at our South Main Street church plant. Terri does a great job telling others about Jesus, and inviting them to church. Currently, everyone has the flu in her household. Please pray for healing. Also, pray for Betty to receive good news from medical test results. Pray this church continues to trust each other, and engages their neighbors around them.

Last week I met with Mike Lang, an elder from Eastgate Bible Church, our first SEEDnet church. We prayed for each other, and God is answering our prayers. This last Monday, Mike shared the Gospel with one of his coworkers which led to meaningful conversation about Jesus. Pray Mike’s coworker puts his trust in Jesus. Pray that Eastgate Bible Church is bold in their witness, and continues reaching the lost for Jesus.

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