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Building Trust
February 28, 2019
Pray For These Churches
April 13, 2019
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Praise God for forward movement in the work God has called Caleb and Dave to!

Caleb and his father have been building relationships with Guatemalans and Mexicans in their neck of the woods for some time now.

There are several places that these folks hang out that Dave and Caleb have been invited into.

One of their friends is a Guatemalan named Melchor (pronounced Melcho) who is the father of 3. They are praying that over time Melchor and his family will open their hearts to Jesus. This is Melchor.

Pray for them:

– Pray for their ongoing witness to the Guatemalan and Mexican people.

– Pray that Caleb and Dave see the Spirit born opportunities to move from small talk to gospel talk.

– Pray for many Guatemalans and Mexicans to come to Christ and churches to be planted that reach more of their people for generations to come.

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