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April 3, 2018
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April 19, 2018
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I met Frank last summer at the 17th Ave. mobile home park where he lives. We would often watch airplanes as they flew into the Columbus Airport. I would say to him, “I’ll watch all the airplanes you want as long as you let me pray for you.” Frank never refused.

Today, I went to visit him and he said, “Pastor, I’m ready to make Jesus the Lord of my life.” So we prayed together and he prayed just that.

Afterward Frank told me “I’ve lived almost 50 years without Jesus. I won’t live another without him.” Praise God!

Will you pray for Frank? Pray that Jesus would continue to reveal himself to him. Pray that Frank would be receptive and excited to learn more about his King. Like always, pray that God would continue to use SEEDNet to plant a church with Frank and his neighbors.

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