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February 27, 2019
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March 3, 2019
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Good word from Larry.

Trust is one of the most essential tools in building good relationships. For many people, trust does not come easy. Past hurts and disappointments keep many from opening their lives in faith to trust others. The most effective way I’ve learned to build trust is sharing the great news of the Gospel. Jesus loves you, and he loves you so much that he died for your sin then overcame death so you can overcome death by trusting in him.

Last week, at our church planted at Terri’s house in Mansfield, Ohio two people showed their trust in me.


Nancy, one of Terri’s aids, joined us the entire time we had church. She participated in out gospel focused discussion, and allowed herself to be vulnerable as she shared her thoughts. Terri’s Son, Nik, also showed his trust in me by giving me the pictures he made specifically for me.


These examples of trust do not happen overnight, but rather they build with every consistent action over time that point them toward Jesus.

This week, think how your actions will show others they can trust you and most importantly that they can trust in Jesus.

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